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Playlist for weekend 3/4/5 September 2021
with Les Newman

Jingles and voiceovers
Amy Bargeron

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50 years ago: There were 56 new singles released on Friday 3 September 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 390 +
Hot Legs-Lady Sadie/Loser  PHILIPS 6006 140
Ravi Shankar-Joi Bangla  APPLE 37
Mama Cass-Words Of Love/One Way Ticket  PROBE PRO537
Los Diablos-Dancing In The Sun  COLUMBIA DB8817
Middle Of The Road-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum  RCA 2110
Budgie-Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman/Crash Course In Brain Surgery  MCA MKS5072
Bruce Ruffin-One big Happy Family  TROJAN TR7832
Dandy (Livingstone)-Salt Of The Earth  TROJAN TR7828
Monsoon-Hot Honolulu Night/Come Back Jane  TROJAN TR7831
Aretha Franklin-Spanish Harlem  ATLANTIC 2091 138
Margie Joseph-Medicine Bend  STAX 2025 052
Barbara Lewis-Someday We're Going To Love Again  ATLANTIC 2091143
Vic Flick Sound-Clarice  CHAPTER ONE CH155
50 years ago: There were 56 new singles released on Friday 3 September 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 390 +
Blue Skies-The Three Sweet Dreams Of Adam, Sarah And Mary Jane  PHILIPS 6006 148
Vic Flick Sound-Quest For Love  CHAPTER ONE CH155
Jubal (Graham Bonney)-Make Me Or Break Me  COLUMBIA DB8815
Carpenters-Superstar/For All We Know  A&M AMS864
Cleveland People-Sands Of Time  PHILIPS 6006 150
Cyan-Misaluba  RCA 2113
Critters-Children and Flowers  MCA MU1141
Garricks Fairground-Epiphany  ARGO AFW105
Dreams Band-Jessie James  JAY BOY BOY42
Five Man Electrical Band-Hello Melinda Goodbye/Signs  MGM 2006 066
Luther Grosvenor-Here Comes The Queen  ISLAND WIP6109
Dave Dee-Hold On  PHILIPS 6006 154
Luther Grosvenor-Heavy Day  ISLAND WIP6109
Hour 3 FRIDAY (1476 Sunday at 6.00pm)
50 years ago: There were 56 new singles released on Friday 3 September 1971
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 390 +
Sidney Elliot-Man and Woman  CBS 7448
Springwater (Phil Cordell)-Stone Cross  POLYDOR 2058 141
(Keith) Cross and (Peter) Ross-Can You Believe It  DECCA F13224
Mungo Jerry-You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War  DAWN DNX2513
New Beats-Run Baby Run/Am I Not My Brothers Keeper  LONDON HLE10341
Peaches and Herb-The Sound Of Silence  CBS 7291
Flying Machine-Yes I Understand (from ESSO Understands TV commercial)  PYE 7N45093
Ronnie Dyson-When You Get Right Down To It  CBS 7449
Four Seasons-Rag Doll/I've Got You Under My Skin  PHILIPS 6051 018
Critters-Younger Girl  MCA MU1141
Dusty Springfield-Some Of Your Loving  PHILIPS 6006 151
Walker Brothers-Love Her  PHILIPS 6051 017
Cats-One Way Wind  COLUMBIA DB8816
Liberty Belles-Shing A Ling Time  JAY BOY BOY40
Springwater-I Will Return  POLYDOR 2058 141
Charles Leonard-Funky Driver On A Funky Bus  JAY BOY BOY39
Link Wray-Fire And Brimstone  POLYDOR 2066 120**
Dixie Dreggs-Take It Off The Top
Norman Haines Band (Den of Iniquity released September 1971)-Den Of Iniquity/Rabbits
38 Special:
Hold On Loosely
Take Me Back
Caught Up In You
Deja Voodoo
Fantasy Girl
Kraftwerk-Hall Of Mirrors
with unexpurgated version of melting pot                                      

with snowflake version of melting pot
Depeche Mode-A Question Of Lust (minimal)
Greg Kihn Band-Jeopardy (12")
Lee 'Scratch' Perry including The Heaters and The Upsetters:
African Hitchiker
Yakety Yak
Melting Pot
What A Botheration
Mystic Powers Of Dub
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
UFO Attack
T. Rex (Electric Warrior released in September 1971)
Lean Love
The Motivator
Life's A Gas
Rip Off

Norman Haines Band-Den Of Iniquity

Hour 6  SATURDAY (1476 Sunday at 7.00pm)
Flo & Eddie-Elenore/Flo & Eddie theme
T. Rex-Mambo Sun/Cosmic Dancer
The Turtles-To See The Sun
Norman Haines Band-We Are Everything You See
The Emerald Dawn-The Children Within
Norman Haines Band-Life Is So Unkind (Moonlight Mazurka/Echoes Of The Future)
T. Rex-Get It On (demo)




To paraphrase Eric Morecambe: "We've played all the right songs, but not necessarily in the right order" - Your corrections are always welcome
**extended podcast only

* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm (and the occasional 33rpm maxi single) recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. Further info here:
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The sleeve advises: MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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