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This was... Chris Bent, in 1968, playing what were the new singles of that year

on Radio Seagull online every Friday and Saturday, midday and at midnight
 on 1476Khz and various AM frequencies in Netherlands
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27 January 2024

with Pat McManus & Andy Stoddart, St Patrick's Day 2022, Wolverhampton
Saturday 27th January 2024
There were 62 new singles released on Friday 26th January 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 212 
Felice Taylor-I'm Under The Influence Of Love  PRESIDENT PT133
Stocking Tops-You're Never Gonna Get My Love  TOAST TT500
Eric Burdon and the Animals-Sky Pilot  MGM 1373
Buckinghams-Foreign Policy  CBS 3195
Joe E Young and the Tonics-Flower In My Hand  TOAST TT502
Impressions-We're A Winner  STATESIDE SS2083
The Silvers-Where Has Love Gone  CBS 3217
Kaleidoscope-Please Excuse My Face/A Dream For Julie  FONTANA TF895
Marvin Gaye-You  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG640
Cats Pyjamas-Virginia Water  DIRECTION 58-327
The Clovers-Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash  ATLANTIC 584160
Bruce Forsyth-I'm Backing Britain  PYE 7N17460
The Move-Fire Brigade  REGAL ZONOPHONE  RZ3005
Warm Sounds-Nite Is A Comin'/Smeta Murgaty  DERAM DM174
Alan Price Set-The Time Has Come  DECCA F12731
There were 62 new singles released on Friday 26th January 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 212 
Alan Price Set-Don't Stop The Carnival  DECCA F12731
Ian Whitcomb-Groovy Day/Sally Sails The Sky  STATESIDE SS2085
Human Beinz-Nobody But Me/Sueno  CAPITOL CL15529
Nicky James-Silver Butterfly  PHILIPS BF1365
The Silvers-She's My Woman  CBS 3217
The Pyramids-Wedding In Peyton Place  PRESIDENT PT177
Equals-I Get Excited  PRESIDENT PT180
Nina Shaw-Woven In My Soul  CBS 3239
Sandra Bryant-Out To Get You  MAJOR MINOR MM553
Persimmons Peculiar Shades-Coplington  MAJOR MINOR MM554
Gass Company-Everybody Needs Love/Nightmare  PRESIDENT PT170
The Creation-How Does It Feel To Feel/Tom Tom  POLYDOR 56230
Bab Saker-Imagination  POLYDOR 56231
Oscar Bicycle-The Room Revolves Around Me  CBS 3237
The Plague-Looking For The Sun  DECCA F12730
Frugal Sound-All Strung Out  RCA VICTOR RCA1659
The Royalettes-Something Wonderful  TRANSATLANTIC BIG T 106
The Move-Walk On The Water  REGAL ZONOPHONE RZ3005
Melanie at Glastonbury 1971-Close To It All/Mr Tambourine Man
Rush at Hammersmith Odeon February 1978-Anthem/Closer To The Heart/2112
Melanie at Glastonbury 1971-Ruby Tuesday/Beautiful People
Man at Rockfield, Monmouth 1972-Bananas
Friday 26th January 2024
There were 64 new singles released on Friday 19th January 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 211 
The Shoes-What In the World Is love/Farewell In The Rain  POLYDOR 56739
Love-Alone Again Or/Bummer In The Summer  ELEKTRA EKSN45024
Tom Rush-No Regrets  ELEKTRA EKSN25025
Lee Harmers Popcorn-Hello Sunshine  PAGE ONE POF053
Spooky Tooth-Sunshine Help Me/Weird  ISLAND WIP6022
Art-Think I'm Going Weird 1971 remix of 1967 tape to stereo
Marvelettes-My Baby Must Be A Magician  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG639
Wes Montgomery-Windy  A&M AMS713
Chicken Shack-It's Okay With Me Baby/When My Left Eye Jumps  BLUE HORIZON 57-3135
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band-Yellow Brick Road/Abba Zabba  PYE7N25443
Toby Twirl-Harry Faversham  DECCA F12728
Arbors-Valley Of The Dolls  CBS 3221
Timon-Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane/Ramblin' Boy  PYE 7N15451
There were 64 new singles released on Friday 19th January 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 211  
Peter Sarsted (with no 't' at end of his surname)-Where Do You Go To My Lovely (unreleased) ISLAND WIP6028
Peter Sarsted (with no 't' at end of his surname)-Mary Jane/I Must Go On ISLAND WIP6028
Grapefruit-Dear Delilah/Dead Boot  RCA VICTOR RCA1656
The Loot-Don't Turn Around/You Are My Sunshine Girl  CBS 3231
Sun Dragon-Green Tambourine/I Need All The Friends I Can Get  MGM 1380
Lemon Pipers-No Help From Me/Green Tambourine  PYE 7N25444
Young Rascals-It's Wonderful UK mono Single (& shorther stereo LP mix)/Of Course  ATLANTIC 584161
Virgin Sleep-Secret/Comes A Time  DERAM DM173
Dawn Penn-You Don't Love Me White Label Demo only  STUDIO ONE SO2030 - we played the 1994 remix
Foundations-Back On My Feet Again  PYE 7N17417
Lee Harmers Popcorn-Love Is Coming  PAGE ONE POF053
Eire Apparent-Follow Me/Here I Go Again  TRACK 604019
There were 64 new singles released on Friday 19th January 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 211 
Enchanted Forest-You're Never Gonna Get My Lovin'/Suzanne  STATESIDE SS2080
Tim Buckley-Phantasmagoria In Two/Once I Was  ELEKTRA EKSN45023
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart-I Wonder What She's Doing Now  A&M AMS714
Ferre Grignard-Yellow You Yellow Me  ATLANTIC 584158
Rudi Bennett-I'm So Proud  DECCA F12729
The Movement-Tell Her  PYE 7N17443
Rose Garden-Next Plane To London  ATLANTIC 584163
The Mighty Vikings-Rockitty Fockitty  ISLAND WI3074
Vangelis O Papathanassiou-Earth  not released in UK; France and Greece only releases
Vinyl copy played from French VERTIGO release 6499 693
Anecdotal evidence suggests that Vangelis remixed for the CD issue, with changes to reverb etc.
Dedicated to my Auntie Iris 1924-2023, who was not by any stretch of the imagination a Vangelis fan...
Rest in Peace with your beloved Ted



**extended podcast only

Giants of Rock, Butlins, Minehead - Sunday 23rd January 2022
Felix Rabin (centre) with (from left) Andy, Vincenzo Capodivento, Chris B and Kathy 
with Les Newman

Jingles and voiceovers
Amy Bargeron

Visit Amy's Studio

(r) = repeat

To paraphrase Eric Morecambe: "We've played all the right songs, but not necessarily in the right order" - Your corrections are always welcome

* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm (and the occasional 33rpm maxi single) recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. Further info here:

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See https://www.facebook.com/chris.bent.319

picture restored from a damaged slide



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