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This was... Chris Bent, in 1968, playing what were the new singles of that year

Final weekend of Carillon Radio on 1476Khz

29/30/31 March 2024
Friday 29th March 2024
There were 55 new singles released on Friday 22nd March 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 221 
PODCAST  Special farewell version for CWR1476
Billy J Kramer-1941  CBS or NEMS 56 3396
Nilsson-One  RCA VICTOR RCA1675
Tom Nortcote-1941  WARNER BROTHERS WB7160
Ruth-Cherish  COLUMBIA DB8386
Willie Mitchell-Soul Serenade  LONDON HLU10186
Termites-Mama Didn't Know  COXSONE CS7039
Wrigglers-Get Right  BLUE CAT BS106
Nirvana-Rainbow Chaser/Flashbulb  ISLAND WIP6029
Fleetwood Mac-Black Magic Woman  BLUE HORIZON 57 3138
Plastic Penny-Nobody Knows It/Happy Just To Be With You  PAGE ONE POF062
Amboy Dukes-The Marquis/Simon Says  POLYDOR 56243
Balloon Farm-Question Of Temperature  LONDON HLP10185
Hans Christian (Jon Anderson)-All Of The Time/Never My Love  PARLOPHONE R5676
Listen to Hans Christian, as played on the radio in March 1968:
Pick of the Pops 17th March 1968 (Full Show & Rundown) by poppicker71 | Mixcloud

The Union Gap with Gary Puckett-Young Girl  CBS 3365
14-Drizzle/Umbrella  OLGA OLE006
There were 55 new singles released on Friday 22nd March 1968
compiled from THE NEW SINGLES* issue 221 
 PODCAST Special farewell version for CWR1476
Jack Dorsey Orchestra-Soul Coaxing  PYE 7N17501
Elliot's Sunshine-Cause I'm Lonely  PHILIPS BF1649
Status Quo-Black Veils Of Melancholy/To Be Free (The New Singles lists 'Island In The Sun')  PYE 7N17497
Balloon Farm-Hurtin' For Your Love  LONDON HLP10185
Tony Colton-In The World Of Marnie Dreaming/Who Is She (from soundtrack of Hammer Horror: Vengeance Of She)  COLUMBIA DB8385
From 2003: I Monster with their remake of 'Who Is She'
Fortes Mentum-Saga Of A Wrinkled Man/Mr Partidge Passed Away Today  PARLOPHONE R5684
Tim Buckley-Wings  ELEKTRA EKSN45031
Nite People-Weird And Funny/Morning Sun  FONTANA TF919
Turquoise-053 Summer Street/Tales Of Flossie Fillet  DECCA F12756
Berkeley Kites-Mary Go Round/Hang Up City  POLYDOR 56742
From 2003: I Monster with their 'Slags' remix of 'Who Is She' (The Vengeance Of She)
Tim Buckley-I Can't See You  ELEKTRA EKSN45031
George Bean-Floatin'  CBS3374
Ernest 'Soul' Wilson-Storybook Children  COXSONE CS7044**
Nehmiah Reid-Family War  ISLAND WI3102**
Sensations-Long Time No See You Girl  ISLAND WI3110**
From 2003: I Monster with their 'lesbian' remix of 'Who Is She' (The Vengeance Of She)**

Saturday 30th March 2024
Radio Geronimo programmes 205metres medium wave = 1476Khz

2 hours, originally scheduled for weekend of 22/23/24 March 2024 - but not broadcast
Uploaded again:
Hour 1 - Dick Lawson's unheard 1970 Geronimo show - made for Monte Carlo PODCAST  
Hour 2 - Dick Lawson's unheard Geronimo Starship Pacifica west coast radio promo USA 1971

Radio Geronimo programmes rebroadcast on CWR1476 in 2024:
PODCAST PAN AM Theater In The Air 1971 Hugh Nolan - rebroadcast on 205metres @ 6.00pm 24/03/24
PODCAST 428/RUPERT from Andorra 1969 Terry Yason - rebroadcast on 205metres @ 7.00pm 24/03/24
PODCAST RADIO GERONIMO Summer 1970 Hugh Nolan - rebroadcast on 205metres @ 7.00pm 17/03/24
Sunday 31st March 2024
Rest In Peace - Steve Harley - Cockney Rebel 1973/74 Alternate versions and early mixes
Rest In Peace - Steve Harley - Cockney Rebel Live in 1974


**extended podcast only

Giants of Rock, Butlins, Minehead - Sunday 23rd January 2022
Felix Rabin (centre) with (from left) Andy, Vincenzo Capodivento, Chris B and Kathy 

Jingles and voiceovers
Amy Bargeron

Visit Amy's Studio

(r) = repeat

To paraphrase Eric Morecambe: "We've played all the right songs, but not necessarily in the right order" - Your corrections are always welcome

* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm (and the occasional 33rpm maxi single) recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. Further info here:

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See https://www.facebook.com/chris.bent.319

picture restored from a damaged slide



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